SKIN79 – The Original No. 1 BB Creams Collection in Korea

SKIN79 is a well-known Korean skincare and makeup brand since its launching at the end of 2006. SKIN79 is also the 1st original brand which brought BB creams product into the cosmetic market. It has become the favourite and must-use product of artists in Korea and Asian countries. By being the quickest to reflect the needs and trends of customer, every version of the BB Cream that has been launched gain popularity through word of mouth. Skin79 allows the completion of multiple steps, such as providing essence, nutrients as well as supplements, sunscreen, fighting fine lines, makeup base and foundation – all in one quick and easy step.

Skin79 means beauty with our unique 79 (Seventy-Nine) system which helps skin to visibly rebalance and boost cellular regeneration. This system is designed to help the skin to stay beautifully healthy from within. This exclusive biologically based concentrate is included in virtually every SKIN79 products.

BB Cream, an acronym of Blemish Balm, was originally used as a method of medical treatment after laser peelings or any other cosmetic surgical procedures to help cellular regeneration. However, with the non-stop popularity of natural make-up trend, BB is now officially launched as one of skincare and make-up formulas. It is now recognized as the best seller of BB Cream worldwide with 1 bottle sold in every 10 seconds! SKIN79 BB Cream is a breakthrough multi-functional total care product that is currently receiving world-wide recognition. We have been chosen as ‘BEST No. 1 Individual Item Sales’ in QVC Japan, No. 1 Bestseller in Taiwanese drugstore ‘COSMED’ and Malaysian luxury goods department store ‘Curve’.

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Eco SKIN79 for Your Experience with Harmony of Nature and Skin Science

At SKIN79, our unique formulations are made with finest naturally-derived ingredients to assure high quality skin that our customers have come to expect from us. Natural ingredients have been an important part of our formulas since the beginning of the company. For many years, we have sourced proven and effective botanical extracts and are committed to choosing ingredients that are selected for their true benefits to skin, not for aesthetics or ostensible purposes.

SKIN79 harmonizes its advance technology and natural ingredients successfully to vitalize and moisturize the thirsty skin. We utilize simple, efficient, and eco-friendly manufacturing process to value the nature around us. The highly qualified skin experts continually develop a better way to solve skin problems. Their focus is solving root cause of skin problems and realizes the ideal skin condition for customers. It carries out researches in our unique laboratories, a biological based approach to identify the science of skin cells and energy of life.

Our first concern is your safety and health. We carefully select pro-skin natural ingredients only, to exclude any harmful materials for your skin and body. Our formulas can be therefore trusted and is subject to variety of skin types. SKIN79’s challenge is progressive where we understand and value the desire for perdurable beauty. It is developing various and innovative skincare and cosmetic products to satisfy these values.

SKIN79 – A Well-Known Brand at the Heart of BB Cream Popularity

SKIN79, a top seller of BB Cream in Korea, offers various types of BB creams to suit the needs of each individual. Various types of BB Creams targeted for different groups of people. Taking skin type, age and gender into consideration such as one with various functions, types for men and types for teenagers have been released. Also well-known on its No. 1 in variety, customers can choose their perfect BB Cream that is ideal for them.

As a leader of BB Cream seller, it sold over 60 million BB Creams via online, TV shopping channels, offline stores and export. One of many reasons for this popularity is Skin79 BB Creams are of its top quality created from highly functional and differentiated ingredients such as Caviar, Gold, Oriental Tea, Coenzyme Q10, Diamond and natural ingredients high in purity. Every product was formulated in it’s laboratories, so they will work perfectly with skin’s natural biological processes to renew, restore and rejuvenate. With these natural ingredients, It also offers range of specially targeted skincare solutions to address more specific needs such as aging, acne, skin brightening and the elimination of toxins.

SKIN79 will continually develop efficacious skincare and make-up products for our customers’ health, beauty and happiness. Get the beauty of No. 1 BB Cream for your skin by shopping for SKIN79 products online with us now!

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