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SKIN79 - VIP Gold Hologram Pearl Pact 15g

SKIN79 - VIP Gold Hologram Pearl Pact 15g

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary by individuals.

Pearl compact with hologram shimmer.

SKIN79 - BB Compact, UV Protection, Powder Pact

  • This BB pact gives the skin a transparent and soft look by naturally covering imperfections, while the hologram shimmer gives a subtle glittering finish.
  • Moisturized pearl pact formulated Gold and Caviar Bright and vibrant skin by fine pearl particles.
  • Keep fresh skin by minimizing flaking and color change.
  • Present sculpted look by light scattering effect.
  • Main ingredients includes Gold that supplies nutrition and Caviar to provides skin elastic.
  • Suitable for : All skin type.
  • Color : Light pearl beige (#21)  
  • Recommended for : Sebum excretion skin, Dull and uneven skin tone.

Using SKIN79 VIP Gold Hologram Pearl Pact

  • With a puff inside, apply the BB pact softly.


  • UV Protection 
  • Soft Look
  • Moisturizing
  • Smooth Formula
  • Healthy Ingredients



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*Disclaimer: Results may vary by individuals.