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  1. e-credit is the online cash for you to shop in eGarden.
  1. Your e-credits will automatically offset the total amount of your order on the checkout page. If your e-credit is more than the total amount of your order, then the balance e-credit can be used on your next order.
  1. Premium Member can purchase the e-credit by banking in cash or cheque to our bank account. Alternatively, Premium Member can accumulate e-credit through the e-Bonus Reward.
  1. Why use e-credit?
(a) Save your time to bank in to our account each time you purchase items.
(b) Save the processing time when buying items, we can place your order immediately after you purchased the items.
(c) Is an alternative option for customers who do not use credit card for online shopping. 
  1. Please SMS us your member ID and the amount of money you had bank in to our account. Once we received your cash or cheque, system will generate a confirmation email to your email address to show your e-credit value.
  1. Members can convert their e-credit back to cash at anytime if the value of credit is RM100 and above. 
  1. The e-credit earned by overseas members can only be used for shopping and charity. Overseas members are NOT ALLOWED to convert their e-credit back to cash at this moment.
  1. How to check my e-credit?
(a) Login to your eGarden Account -> Click "My Account" -> Click "e-Credit" -> e-Credit Balance