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e-Bonus Reward

What is it?

  • e-Bonus reward allows you to accumulate the e-credit where it can be used for redemption of merchandise at eGarden. It means that you can shop at eGarden with unlimited cash rebate! The more friends you refer = the more e-credit you accumulate = the more cash rebate you have for redemption!
  • Every Premium Member will automatically enjoy the benefits of e-Bonus Reward. You can start having accumulating your e-credit by introducing your family members, friends or even your readers from your blog or forum to join as Premium Member and start shopping with eGarden.

Why should I refer a friend?

  • You can surprise your friends with unlimited products from the Merchants available in eGarden while accumulating your e-credit at the same time! We reward you with a RM5 e-credit for every new referred Premium Member and RM2 e-credit for the first successful order from each referred Premium Member.
  • Remember that the e-credit accumulation is unlimited! Where you might find yourself shopping for free at eGarden when you have enough e-credit for redemption!

Premium Member

How it works?

  • You just need to provide your name and mobile number to your referees to enter during their registration at our Premium Member section.
  • All referees will register under your profile and you will be rewarded with RM5 e-credit upon their successful registration (Only RM10 membership fee is needed to become our Premium Member).
  • If your referred Premium Member makes his/her first successful order, you will be rewarded with RM2 e-credit on his/her first successful order.

How can I refer a friend to join eGarden Premium Member?

  • There are many ways to refer a friend to eGarden. You can send invitations to friends using Facebook, Twitter or Email. You can also post the eGarden website link on your blog, forum and anywhere on the internet to get people to join up.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw your e-credit earned when eGarden website link is being abused.

I have not received my e-credit rewards!

  • Your referee needs to register as eGarden Premium Member by entering your name and mobile number on the Premium Member registration page.
  • The RM5 e-credit will be credited into your account with eGarden within 5 working days upon receiving the membership fee from your referee.
  • The RM2 e-credit will be credited into your account with eGarden within 5 working days when your referee’s payment went through successfully for his/her first order.

How long is the e-credit valid for?

  • As we offer lifetime membership for Premium Member, there is no expiration for your e-credit too. So you can just focus on accumulating your e-credit without worrying on any expiration date!