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BB Cream

Introduction of BB Cream

What is BB cream? BB cream, also known as Blemish Balm or Blemish Base, is a beauty product that blends skincare and cosmetic together by using natural ingredients. It is originated in Germany as a soothing treatment balm prescribed by dermatologists and surgeons for their patients who undergone laser skin treatment to shield and regenerate the delicate skin while providing light coverage for post-laser scars, acne and other blemishes. The Korean celebrities and cosmetics companies soon discovered the breakthrough of BB cream and it has gained a huge craze in Korea due to its wonderful results. It has now spread from Korea to other Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and also here in Malaysia. In recent years, it is widely used in Europe and the USA.

Why is the BB cream so popular? It is said to be the secret of the natural looking skin coverage which beautifies while healing for a healthy and youthful skin. A bit similar to liquid foundation, it helps to cover your imperfections without clogging the pores and at the same time even out the skin tone while nourishes your skin. While normal foundation liquid does nothing to your skin, it moisturizes and promotes skin rejuvenating or skin regeneration underneath. It can lighten under eye circles, acne scars, pigmentation and add radiance to the skin without heavy mask-like effects of a foundation. BB cream is not only replaces foundation, make-up base or primer, concealer, but also sunscreen and some of them have whitening or wrinkle repairing properties or even a glossy shimmer. Prolonged used of it will improve the overall texture of the skin and most importantly, it is so easy to apply which it binds well to the skin. With them, you can produce a natural and flawless look instantly.

BB Cream Malaysia

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Functionality and Ingredient of BB Cream

BB Cream is made from natural and high nutritional ingredients with anti-bacterial and anti-oxidation properties. The ingredients vary in different types of BB Creams and most of them have many plant extract derivatives. Some ingredients include differentiated ingredients such as diamond, gold, caviar and various patented ingredients which are high in purity. Most users named the it as a wonder cream as it allows the completion of multiple steps such as providing essence and sunscreen, acting as make-up base and foundation as well as fighting lines and refining the skin, all in one quick and easy step. Many BB cream Malaysia reviews claim that it makes the skin feel dewy and not oily. Other BB cream review experienced subtle and natural glow of skin when use it religiously every single day. Some review also proved that it did a decent job in healing acne, lightening dark spots and improving wrinkles. 

Among the top BB cream brands that distributes to all major Asian countries includes SKIN79, Dr. Jart, Missha, BRTC, Liole and Etude House. The most popular brand in Malaysia is the SKIN79 brand which is a well known Korean skincare and makeup brand. SKIN79 is rated the best BB cream and has been chosen as No. 1 Bestseller in Malaysian luxury goods department store ‘Curve’ and in Taiwanese ‘COSMED’ as well as “BEST No. 1 Individual Item Sales’ in QVC Japan. 

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What is BB Cream