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Payments and Currency

  1. Payment methods

(a) PayPal & ipay88 accept Credit Cards (Visa & Mastercard)

(b) Online Banking Transfer

(c) Direct Bank In/ Cheque/ Fund Transfer

Payment make payable to: EGARDEN ENTERPRISE

Account No: MAYBANK ( 5012 1784 2296) or

Account No: PUBLIC BANK ( 316 823 4304) or

Account No: STANDARD CHARTERED ( 6681 0011 9172)

Please send us your payment advice or transaction reference number to us via

Fax: +60 7 351 2052

email: payment@egarden.com.my

Please enclosed with
# Beneficiary Account:
# Order No. :
# Name of recipient:
# Amount:
# Contact No:

(d) e-credit (online cash)

  1. All transactions are to be charged and payable in Ringgit Malaysia (RM), unless otherwise stated in the confirmation order.
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