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A few years ago, businesses would use any form of advertising such as newspapers, magazines, on the radio, television with the hopes of receiving a positive response. However businesses are now more concerned with saving money. Everyone wish to get the most for their marketing dollars, and isn’t looking to waste money on ineffective marketing. This is where eGarden Enterprise enters the picture.

Our website provides your business with a new marketing strategy with the ability to sell your business products and services to a worldwide audience.

How are eGarden different from market

Online Shopping Floor   First to introduce real shopping mall concept on e-commerce shopping cart in Malaysia with its unique floor plan.
online store directory   Fully customized store directory concept to provide best shopping experiences for shoppers to save their time to find their products online. We have the best navigation system for shoppers while promoting your branding.
  Offering businesses a self-owned online branch with static store URL at http://egarden.com.my/Merchant.com which you can print on your name card and leaflet.
new arrival, bestseller and top shop   First e-commerce platform that provide featuring on merchants' products for free. New Arrivals and Sale% products will arrange according to latest upload and highest sales. While Bestsellers and Top Shops will arrange according to their sold quantities and shop views.
deal of the day feature   Be our merchants now to enjoy our group buy feature- Deal of The Day which offer great saving to shoppers to increase your products sales volume in hours.


How eGarden can benefit your business

Own your online branch at eGarden which become an additional sales channel for your business. You can open a new branch with your existing stock and inventory without large investment. You can also use it as your online products catalogue.   eGarden your online branch
eGarden is a cross selling platform which will definitely help in increasing your current sales volume with our traffic, higher exposure rate and new customer base.    increase online shopping sales
Online shopping will definitely the best target market for any retail shops. eGarden as a marketplace, we distribute a success place for shopping online. Besides, you can create your company branding by online promotion and advertisement.   online shopping target market
Why still need to wait for website development and graphic design, we need to explore to online market within the shortest period. Instant setup, you can manage right away your eGarden branch anywhere, any time. We provide ready, quick and easy system.   instant setup online shopping stores

Why I should not sell alone online

Why I should not sell alone

Power of team work make online shopping more value

People are increasingly turning to the Internet, to find information. The Internet is becoming more and more important for even to the smallest business to maintain an online business presence. Often the web is seen not as a replacement for your businesses existing marketing activities, but as a complimentary channel to market.
Since there are thousands of online shopping website, we are creating something new and more realistic to isolate our service from the others. We will help your businesses in the federal IT marketplace accelerate your revenue growth without spending any of your effort to explore this new era. We will provide you the project management from start to finish.
Unless people stop using the internet, eGarden is here to stay. In fact, we will probably evolve into an even more targeted form of online shopping mall.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further clarifications on our services at: clheng@egarden.com.my

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