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For the e-commerce entrepreneur the world of online trading provides a whole host of advantages and opportunities selling online. Therefore eGarden-The Largest Malaysia Online Shopping Mall had launched our first and best "Malaysia Online Shopping Mall" concept website to the public. Online Shopping Malaysia offers enormous potential benefits to your business, including:


Benefit of Online Shopping Malaysia

The Benefit of Online Shopping


24-hours business operating:

Students and employees may not have time to go and enjoy shopping at business hours. They can go shopping online and access to our online shopping mall at anytime. Online shopping Malaysia will getting more and more popular in the future.


Access to global market:

Internet provides the most potential online trading opportunity. eGarden will gather all potential merchants in Malaysia to involve ourselves in the worldwide market. There is a lack of e-commerce website in Malaysia that preparing to enter this market because we lack of “Made in Malaysia” website. Let our "Made in Malaysia Online Shopping Mall” website be the pioneer.


Compete with larger business:

Hypermarket and shopping mall had dominated the offline market in Malaysia. However they are still in preparation stages to enter the online shopping Malaysia market. Since the small and medium merchants cannot compete with them, so we decided to be the channel to gather those merchants to enter the Malaysia online shopping market. Therefore now will be the opportunity to gather potential merchants in Malaysia to compete with larger business. Our services will be low risk, low investment but high potential in returns. Shopping online will definitely become the most popular shopping trends in Asia.


Attracting new customers:

Many people may misunderstand that when business goes online, it may reduce their physical customers. Online Shopping Malaysia would be a new market on your business and it is just like selling franchisees or opening branch stores at different areas but with low investment and low risk. Retailer shops are static stores, the traffic will only limited to the population of the town or city and the location of the stores. We are creating a new market for your business and not turn your customers to online, online traffic will depend on your quality of products and services. Therefore, you provide the best quality and prices of products and we provide the best online shopping Malaysia services.


A catalogue for existing customers:

Existing customers can check and get your latest products or promotions that will be offered by you through shopping online. Your online shopping customers may come from vary cities, towns or even other countries. eGarden Online Shopping Malaysia can provide you the long term relationship with them as no matter when and where they at, they are possible to purchase your items through our Malaysia Online Shopping Mall


Comfortable and convenience to customers:

There will be no traffic jam to our “car park”. There will be unlimited items from merchants all over Malaysia in our Malaysia Online Shopping Mall. Most importantly is our online mall do not have closing time.