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How to order online

1. Where to start your online shopping?
2. How to register for membership?
3. How to manage your member account?
4. How to browse/search and add products to shopping cart?
5. How to complete payment? 



Where to start your online shopping?

Shopping Floor:

  1. Click one of the floor (example: LG) to enter the floor plan.
  2. Click and select your shop lot. Click "Start Shopping" to enter the selected shop.
  3. You can click the icons to proceed to the relevant pages.


Store Directory:

  1. Click the "Store Directory" at eGarden Homepage.
  2. Select your favourite store and read the store description. You can enter the shop lot by clicking "Start Shopping".
  3. You can also use "Quick Jump" to filter your store category to reduce your searching period.


Quick Jump to Shopping Page

  1. Point on "Home" to select your next shopping directory.