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Procedures on applying BB Cream

How to apply BB Cream

Want to look pretty but do not wish to spend time applying makeup? BB cream is the right choice for you! Find out what is BB cream! With BB cream, you can have a natural makeup instantly! BB cream is easy to apply just like your moisturizing cream. This is the best online guide on "How to apply BB Cream". You can do it well even if you are not a professional makeup artist. Lets learn how to apply BB Cream now without giving up the opportunity to make your skin look prettier!

However, some of you may still do not know how to apply BB Cream and make mistakes when applying the BB cream to your face. As BB cream is high in nourishing power, many people tend to use the BB cream to substitute their moisturizing cream. In fact, you cannot rely solely on its nourishing power and apply directly to face after cleansing. You still need carry out your daily skincare routine! After facial wash, always apply your daily skincare products such as the toner, essence and moisturize before applying BB cream. Otherwise, your skin may easily feel tighten and dry.

To properly apply BB cream, get an appropriate amount of BB cream onto the back of your hand. Apply them onto your face in five dots to the forehead, nose, two cheeks and chin. Do not spread the BB cream by dragging it like how you would when you apply foundation! Instead, use gentle patting motions to spread and blend it into your skin. Continue to blend it well until it is invisible. If you find patting motion is too tedious, you may use fingertips to gently blend it with outward stroke. However, when you reach the eye area, remember to gently pat the BB cream at the core part and around your eyes area. This will prevent the fine lines and wrinkles as dragging motion may strain the sensitive skin around eye area.

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Care Tips on Using BB Cream

Besides, remember to pay attention on the amount of BB cream used too. As it absorb easily to the skin, many of you tend to apply large amount to the face. In fact, you do not need that much. The BB cream has very good coverage and if you apply too much, you will find your face in white like a clown. It is far from the expected natural look. You just need to apply a thin layer and wait a few seconds to let the skin absorb. You can apply more after that if you feel needed. For a more lasting hold, you may choose to apply foundation powder at the final stage but normally the BB cream is more than enough. If you want to reduce the shiny effect of BB cream, then you may use the loose powder.

Most importantly, BB cream must be removed before going to bed. Some of you may treat it as moisturizing cream and therefore you do not do your cleansing. Never try to do this. As BB cream works like foundation, a proper facial wash is still needed. Otherwise, your pores can be gradually clogged and what you may experience later can be pimples and acnes!

Thank you for reading on "How to apply BB Cream". Lets find out more on the most popular BB cream brand Skin79 now!

how to apply bb cream