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eGarden is a newly established virtual shopping mall in Malaysia by eGarden Enterprise (Co. Reg JM0551667-K). We are the first to introduce a real shopping mall concept on e-commerce shopping cart in Malaysia. Just like what our tagline says; “Your Online Shopping Garden”, eGarden provides you with what it takes as a shopping mall through online.

Imagine that you are now standing right in front of the directory machine in one of the shopping mall using your fingertips to look for the location of the shops on the touch screen monitor. However, at eGarden Shopping Mall, not only that you can find the locations of your desired shops, now you can even click and enter into the shops virtually. You can start shopping by browsing into their products list page with just a click on your mouse!

eGarden makes it possible for you to shop in our shopping mall at any point of time regardless whether during the working hours or middle of the night. With the infinity number of items we can have in eGarden, we believe you will be starting to have a mind with turmoil on where to start to choose your items in our mall. Now we are pleased to welcome you to “walk” into our mall through your monitor and enjoy your shopping sensation through your mouse. Have a nice shopping time with us.


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